2019 - present
NodeJS, Typescript, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Postgres, Redis, Firebase, CI/CD, Heroku, GraphQL
I've worked on projects for various US startups with great ideas, as well as for our own company's projects.
So far, I've had a chance to make sure all employees can submit their concerns to AllVoices. Also, thanks to PumpkinPie people can meet new friends in a playful way, or find new love on Zoe & Surge. Besides that, I helped AiFi with a shopping revolution and Actapio with their internal access system.

Freelance & Consulting

2015 - present
NodeJS, AWS, DevOps
Apart from my full time work I sometimes work for other clients as well. I can help with NodeJS or ReactJS and also any backend / DevOps related stuff. I can also take a look at your project, do a code review, answer your questions, give some insights to your codebase or consult your project or idea.

2016 - 2018
PHP, Zend, XSLT 😅, NodeJS, ReactJS, MariaDB, Docker, Gitlab
Focused mainly on e-commerce projects written in PHP, using the custom robust CMS solution. I worked here on part time during my studies in high school which allowed me to learn and gain a lot of experience as a junior developer.
If I would be to create a tech start-up tomorrow, Jozef will be in the first 3 people I'll be trying to hire! He reminds me of one of those wiz-kids that has the natural talent to grasp and learn and start doing anything related to computers in a lightning-speed manner. His approach to code structuring and architecture are on a high level and I always enjoyed reading his PRs, because I could even learn something new and interesting from them. The communication with Jozef was always super easy-going and fun, be it professional or not. Discussing technical problems with him was a breeze and that's always very important and helpful in a team!
- Galin Kostov (ex-colleague, STRV)

Some of the companies I worked with

Basis AllVoices Surge AiFi PumpkinPie Zoe Actapio E-Solutions BestDrive Podbanske Resort

Interested in cooperation?

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