Yes I did it, I can’t believe I’m really here! 😍 (After taking part-time job for last two years in addition to high school I finally earned enough money to begin my two weeks United States trip).

These were the first words I had in my mind when we disembarked at New York’s JFK airport. “Dad, we’re really here.” — I simply couldn’t believe it was happening. In less than half hour later, we had been already almost misled by some local “Uber” driver who offered us unbeatable price $100. “No way!” — I said and got out of his car. After an hour of discovering New York public transport in the middle of night we finally got to our Airbnb apartment.

The next day was amazing. I was speechless as soon as I left the apartment. Everything seemed to be so “different”, exactly as I knew it only from movies. I was taking photos of literally everything I saw.

The first stop after buying the best muffin I’ve ever eaten was Central Park. It took us more than hour to walk around entire lake.

Later then, after long hesitations between One World Observatory and Top of The Rock we decided to check out the first one. The adventure began already in elevator where was shown short movie about history of America from first settlers till present. The view from the top was spectacular so it was definitely worth to wait in line for more than hour to get our tickets.

I enjoyed every minute of walking in streets of this hectic city exploring buildings, skyscrapers, people and city life in general. Diversity of all the people living here, constantly beeping car horns, congested streets, busy traffic, … All of this was creating a unique atmosphere and that’s the reason why I immediately fell in love with this city.

The Flatiron building was the next stop in my “what to see in New York” list.

I wanted to have this typical New York photo that everyone has on their Instagrams too, so the next day we took subway to Brooklyn.

When I saw this “steam chimney” I was reeeeeally happy. It remained me all these typical “new yorkish” scenes in movies so I had to take a photo immediately 😄

On our last day in New York we took boat trip on Liberty Island. It was great, definitely recommend!

Time flies so quickly and after four days in this amazing city we had to say good bye. Never mind, definitely will come back one day!

Hello Canada!

After four days spent in NYC we moved to our next destination — Toronto. But yet before visiting the city we spend one day in Niagara Falls.

The next day we explored Toronto downtown. Personally I had feeling like the entire city was built maximally ten years ago. It felt so modern and “stylish”. I don’t know, maybe I had that feeling only because I spent only one day there and didn’t have a time for discover the city in detail.

Although we had only one day for the city we tried to see as much as possible and don’t skip any well-known popular landmarks and buildings.

After visiting One World Observatory in New York, CN tower was an obvious stop to keep the tradition (lol :D).

After observing eye-catching view of the city we also visited Ripley’s aquarium. I was impressed by glamor of wonderful jellyfish and a lots of other strange animals.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for second part about my dreamed California 😉