I'm a software developer with more than 7 years of experience, focusing on web applications.

I began working on part-time in an agency while still in high school. This started my career as a full-stack developer with PHP & jQuery back in 2016.
Since then I've came across different technologies and projects; I also worked with Python, switched jQuery for ReactJS and later moved to NodeJS.

Later on I joined STRV, which was my dream job from high school, and became a backend developer, leaving my FE skills in the past.
After working and seeing only the backend side for a few years, I started discovering cloud and DevOps.
I really liked it and decided to get an AWS Solutions Architect certificate to learn more about it.

Nowadays, I'm still primarily a NodeJS developer, but I'm interested in technologies like Terraform, Kubernetes, networking and distributed systems.
When writing code, I'm always trying to think a few steps ahead and guess the possible issues or raise questions. I love learning from more experienced developers and I always appreciate a constructive feedback.

I'm a minimalist with an eye for detail. I'm always curious about how things work under the hood, that's why I'm currently studying Kubernetes and one day I'd love to take a closer look at Linux and assembler 🤓. I'm not afraid to get in touch with unknown or start new things which I don't know much about. I prefer learning by doing, therefore working on something new while figuring out how it works is always my way to go.

When I'm not coding or reading some cool nerdy stuff, I very much enjoy travelling ✈️, hiking 🏔 and riding my motorcycle 🏍.

You can follow me on instagram to see more.
Also, I try to write this blog.


As I'm an introvert, public speaking was a nightmare for me for a long time. It took me a lot of time, courage and stepping out of my comfort zone to be able to finally have my first internal presentation at work 😰.
After that I kept pushing and had two public talks within half a year !!! As one would say, it's not a lot but it's honest work. Keeping that in mind I still try to overcome my fears and continue with that challenge of mine 💪.